MMA star Cathal Pendred saves baby dolphin

Irish Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Cathal Pendred had a bit of an unusual Sunday - rescuing a baby dolphin on the beach at Doonbeg, Co Clare.

In a series of pictures posted to twitter, the Dublin-born fighter - currently a contestant on The Ultimate Fighter televised competition, where contestents hope to earn a six-figure contract with the UFC - was seen carrying the underage cetacean through the breakers to deeper water.

(Picture: Cathal Pendred via Twitter)

"I just spent an hour in the sea at Doonbeg trying to save a baby dolphin," the grappler wrote, demonstrating a softer side not offered to opponents in the octagon.

(Picture: Cathal Pendred via Twitter)

"He was very hurt but alive and well now!"

Cathal, who beat Mexican middleweight Hector Urbina in the first round of The Ultimate Fighter, was evidently enjoying some R&R on the picturesque Clare coast.

"Great way to kick the hangover" he said of his dolphin-saving exploits.

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