Minty biscuits: BBC presenter gets more than he bargained for on air

Can't. Stop. Laughing.

Iain Lee on BBC radio was having a detailed discussion on "blue badge" disabled parking permits, and drivers other than the disabled owner using it.

But he didn't count on Barry from Watford calling in. Barry, you see, uses the parking permit to buy minty biscuits for his wife. It's a very nice biscuit. It's a minty interior his wife likes. It's a very nice minty biscuit. Minty biscuit. Minty biscuit.

Hang on for the end, where our friend Barry has the last word. Poor Iain handles the situation pretty well, we have to say.

It's no What's Snots, though.

Now, where's the packet of ViscountMintyBiscuitsThatAreVeryNiceAndHaveTwoHalvesAndOneOFThemIsChocolate…

By Dave Molloy

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