Miming accusations on social media after technical glitch interrupts Down choir on Britain's Got Talent

A Co Down choir from St Patrick’s primary school took to the stage in the Britain's Got Talent semi-final last night, opening the show.

But before they could kick things off, Ant and Dec interrupted them to deal with some technical issues.

The choir was performing Katy Perry's Roar and before the duo interrupted them, the backing track could be heard featuring music and vocals. This led to social media accuse the show of miming.

Britain's Got Talent denied that the choir was miming and a spokesperson told RadioTimes.com:

"A technical glitch meant that the wrong song was played at the start of St Patrick’s Junior Choir performance as well as some vocals recorded during a rehearsal from them.

"The choir did not mime and we are very proud of their performance."

Many have defended the choir, saying the vocals that could be heard were just backing vocals, which are often used on shows like BGT.

The school itself spoke about the technical issues on Twitter.

In the end, their performance was excellent and it was plain to see the lead vocals were sung live.

Sadly the choir didn't make it through the final with DNA and Kyle Tomlinson securing the most votes, but they will still be very proud of their performance.


By Steve Neville

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