Meet Terry, the cat who plays fetch like a dog

The established behaviour of cats and dogs suggests that, while dogs play games such as fetch, cats are rather more independent in their leisure time.

And while that might be the case for most felines, it’s not the case for Terry.

One of the kittens I adopted started bringing me her mouse to play fetch. from aww

Terry (full name Tarantino, named after the writer and director) likes to play fetch with her owners Tanner and Tracy, a game the mog apparently initiated herself.

“We didn’t try to teach her fetch,” said Tanner. “Rather, we noticed that she would bat around her mouse, then bring it to either Tracy or myself, drop it next to us and make eye contact expectantly.

“Tracy, was the one who discovered that she wanted to play with us.”

Terry was adopted by the pair along with another cat they named Denis Villeneuve, after another writer and director. While the latter is more cat-like, the former certainly sounds more canine in her approach.

(Tanner Lyon)

“Denis bonded with us early by being the cuddle bug, and Terry found her way to bond with us through playing,” said Tanner. “The moment we get home, Terry hops up on the counter to greet us.”

That’s one versatile cat.

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