Meet Chowder, the pooch who’s more like a teddy bear than a dog

What’s more adorable than a dog? A dog that looks like a teddy bear.

Serving boops

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Chowder is a four-year-old chow chow who lives in the Philippines – and he’s become a bit of an internet star thanks to his distinctive, cuddly look.

He has more than 350,000 followers on Instagram and even features on an air freshener.

I ❤️ chin rubs

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His owners, who wish to remain anonymous, said they “had absolutely no idea” Chowder would become so popular, and that they’re happy the doggo makes people smile.

“That is the most important thing,” they said.

Casually avoiding been dried from bath time 😅

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Chow chows were traditionally used as guard dogs for temples in China, but Chowder may well be too cute to intimidate any potential wrong-doers.

I am a lion, hear me roar 🦁

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