Meet Able, the two-legged cat living his best life on social media

A two-legged cat from Bangkok is taking the internet by storm with videos showing his fun life.

Six-year-old Able lost his front legs and tail in a tragic accident, but thanks to the care of his owner and the company of his two kitty siblings, he’s getting along just fine.

“When he was one, he received an electric shock from a power line,” said his owner Wralai Malrucatanon.

“This happened when Able was trying to chase a bird on the roof of an apartment and he accidentally touched an electric power line.”

Able’s recovery was a long process, but now he is thriving, with more than 90,000 followers on Instagram.

“Now everyone is very interested to know how Able can walk, especially up and down stairs, and also what he does every day,” says Wralai.

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“I hope that many people will love to have Able as an inspiration to them.”

Able spends his time hanging out with his sisters FinFin and Ginny and although he can’t chase birds any more, he loves to watch them from his window, or on the television.

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