Meanwhile, in Kinsale - a big chunk of the road fell into the sea

Powerful waves last night tore away a large section of the road and wall outside the well-known Bulman bar in Summercove, Kinsale.

The below picture posted to Facebook by the Bulman's owner Pearse O'Sullivan shows the sea rushing in through the hole and coming perilously close to the pub's front door.

Video footage was also posted to YouTube.

In the cold light of day, the damage looks even worse, with the road through Summercove now completely impassable.

A spokesman for Cork County Council described it as "the most significant structural damage in Cork county" with a cleanup and repair assessment underway.

"The hole goes up to about a foot and a half from our front door," said Pearse, adding that the bar itself had escaped significant damage.

"We had a bit of cleaning up to do this morning but we have flood defences which held, thank God," he said.

"Obviously though we are closed for business today and waiting to hear from the council when we can reopen again."

Here's hoping for a speedy repair job so the business can get back on its feet.

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