Mammy rap is latest viral hit

Image: YouTube/FiatUK

A little-known actress rapping about her "snot-stained sack" and diet of "leftover fish fingers" has become the latest YouTube viral sensation.

Clocking up over two and a quarter million hits since being uploaded on December 19, 'The Motherhood' - featuring the lyrical stylings of 32-year-old Rachel Donovan - has hit home with an online audience who can identify with complaints such as: "Sleep deprived / And under house arrest / Think I'd sell both kidneys just to get some rest."

WATCH: 'The Motherhood' (Source: YouTube/FiatUK)

Of course, it's an ad - created by London-based agency Krow Communications for Fiat UK as part of a campaign for their new 500L model.

But with observations such as "Work vs. home is a mental combination / With my elbows deep in infant defecation" they have a bona fide online hit on their hands, the subject matter even prompting a blog post from The Guardian on how the video "captures the essence of modern motherhood".


"I'm living it large, and by large I mean bigger," raps Rachel, surrounded by kiddie detritus while one of her brood smears yoghurt on her laptop. "At least now I know the difference between a tractor and a digger."

"I'm expressive / I express all the time / Because the doc said / To not breastfeed is a crime."

It's all cunningly interspersed with shots of a shiny new Fiat 500L and the heroine looks suspiciously groomed for a mother-of-three with "sick on her coat" - but what harried mammy can't identify with lyrics like "Joined a book club / Just so I could drink some wine"?

Rachel - who also starred with Cillian Murphy in 'Breakfast on Pluto', fact fans - and her brood have some way to go before they catch up with the hip-hop breakout sensation of 2012 - a certain portly South Korean pop star with a weird horsey dance, whose 1.14bn hits for 'Gangnam Style' made it the most popular YouTube video EVER - but 'The Motherhood' is that precious example of marketing gold. An ad that people want to watch and share.

"I'm a school run taker, fairy cake baker, deal maker, orgasm faker," raps Rachel.

"Nit raker, rattle shaker, cheese grater, night-time waker.

"I'm a placater. Peacemaker."

Peace out, etc.


We think 'The Motherhood' pulls off the feat of being funny enough to share, but the history of rapping in advertising is an ignominious one.

Here are 3 crap ad raps that should have stayed on the drawing board.

1. Fleetwood would, would Fleetwood

Sounds like a rap battle between two readers at Mass. Fleetwood could, but shouldn't. (YouTube/cerebro1)

2. Moy Park Chicken

Do everyone a flavour and never darken our airwaves again. (YouTube/TheMoyParkChicken)

3. That camel thing on Nickelodeon

If you have small kids, you probably watch Nickelodeon. If you watch Nickelodeon, you'll probably have seen this. WARNING: IT CANNOT BE UNSEEN (YouTube/GabiH20video)

And how to do it right. Old skool.


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