Make-up artist embraces her acne with beautiful and unique starry look

A make-up artist from California has gone viral for embracing her acne in a beautifully colourful look.

Rocio Cervantes posted photos to Twitter showing off the make-up, which was achieved by putting star-shaped stickers on her face and applying foundation over the top, then peeling the stickers off to reveal her skin underneath.

Posting the pictures, she said: “Right now I’m struggling with a lot of break-outs but at the same time I want to do make-up so I hope y’all like!”

The photos were retweeted over 5,000 times and have reached over 37,000 likes.

Cervantes, from San Bernardino, then revealed which brands of make-up she used for the striking style so aspiring make-up artists can try their own at home.

She said: “The look actually came out of frustration. At the moment, I am dealing with severe acne so I thought why not just morph both my make-up and acne and create a look?

“I am also a colourful person and one of my signature looks is my inner corner star, so I had to find a way to put all of that together, and I loved the end result!”

Cervantes said: “Acne has had a great impact on me in so many ways. I actually go to therapy for it, it’s caused me a lot of depression and anxiety – I also don’t like to go out as much as I used to because of my acne.

“As a make-up artist, it’s hard as well because I’ve received such great opportunities and because I allowed my acne to take full control of me I’ve missed several of those opportunities.

“I did however start to become more vulnerable and allow myself to be open and the result of that is people telling me how happy they are that they can have someone to relate to and that makes me so happy.”

Cervantes said: “I am so pleased because I’ve had several people message me telling me how it’s helped them be more confident and that’s all I want.

“I want people to know they are beautiful, they don’t have to hide or put their head down when they go out or cancel plans because of some acne.

“Acne should be normalised and that’s what I strive to do every day, break the boundaries in beauty!”

- Press Association

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