Loyal dog stayed with missing girl overnight in cornfield until rescuers arrived

A loyal terrier stood watch over a missing child for more than 12 hours until rescuers heard its barking.

The Yorkshire terrier stayed with three-year-old Remy Merritt overnight in a cornfield in Qulin, Missouri.

The dense corn stands at nearly six feet high.

More than 150 people were involved in the search for little Remy who had gone missing at about 8.30pm on June 14.

It wasn’t until the family dog, Fat Heath, responded to barks from one of the search dogs the following morning that rescuers found the child, reported ABC News.

“One of the dogs barked and a weaker bark was returned,” Clark Parrott, a sergeant with the Missouri State Highway Patrol,” told ABC.

“We came to find out it was [Remy] and her Yorkshire terrier Fat Heath… down beneath the corn stalks. That dog stayed with her all night long.”

On Twitter, the troopers celebrated the community effort to find Remy explaining that law enforcement, first responders and community volunteers had come together to find the child.

The child was about a quarter of a mile away from home when found with Fat Heath.

She was thirsty and had been bitten by mosquitoes but was otherwise OK, the sergeant explained.

Online, people were praising the dog and calling for him to get a few extra treats.

- Press Association

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