London museum hopes to feature ‘Brexit fatigue’ in its permanent collection

A museum in England is recording everyday views on Brexit to satisfy the curiosity of future generations.

“Thoughts, views and opinions of people on all sides of the Brexit debate” will be collected by the Museum Of London.

It intends to put some of the oral histories in its permanent collection, along with Brexit-related objects.

Curators are in touch with pub chain Wetherspoons about obtaining their pro-Brexit beer mats and Pimlico Plumbers over their “Bollocks To Brexit” billboards.

A JD Wetherspoon beer mat accusing business leaders of ‘misleading’ the public on Brexit (JD Wetherspoon)

Senior curator Domenico Sergi told the Press Association: “Obviously people will look back at this time and one of the questions they will be asking is how people felt about Brexit.

“Talks have happened in Westminster and Brussels but its the recordings of the talks on the streets that really matter to us. It’s an exercise in community history.”

He added: “Even recording people who are fed up with it, disaffected, that itself is a research finding.

“Brexit fatigue tells you something about people’s relationship with the discourse around Brexit.

“Future generations will look back at Brexit with fascination and this project will give a palpable sense of how it is affecting us all.”

Cromwell’s death mask (Museum Of London)

The museum’s permanent collection features 50,000 objects dating from the prehistoric period and Roman London, including a jaw and tooth of a woolly mammoth, Oliver Cromwell’s death mask, Roman bikini briefs, Great Fire of London relics and a piece of a fatberg.

Roman bikini briefs (Museum Of London)

Curators will visit markets, pubs, church halls and libraries in the London boroughs of Hackney, Newham, Havering, Hillingdon and Bromley – chosen to reflect different sides of the debate in the capital.

They will examine how popular culture is interpreting Brexit and how “business is taking advantage of it”, they said.

The Museum Of London tells the story of the capital from 450,000 BC to the present day.

- Press Association

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