Little girl sobs she wants to be 'a Dub' and not 'a Meath'

By Louise Walsh

An adorable six-year-old is winning hearts on the internet as she sobs she wants to be 'a Dub' and not 'a Meath.'

Little Aaliyah Metcalfe Hernandez’s tears over her breakfast at living in the Royal County has already gone viral - notching up over 35,000 views in twelve hours, since her mum posted it last night.

In the footage, Aaliyah, who lives in Ashbourne, Co Meath tells her mum Tracey through her sobs that she doesn’t like being ‘a Meath’ because all her family are from Dublin.

The young girl even thinks she is not a 'true Dub' as she has brown eyes, unlike her mum and her mum's family who all have blue eyes like the Dub colours.

Her mum tries to explain that she and her siblings and parents all grew up in Dublin but that the little girl only grew up in Meath, which makes her from Meath.

However, this does not appease the tearful schoolgirl who says she feels left out from her family.

Eventually, her mum persuades Aaliyah to make a ‘happy Dub face,’ after telling her that, because she was born in a Dublin hospital, she can call herself a Dub.

In the video, she says: “I don’t like me being a Meath and everyone in my whole family being a Dub”.

After her mum says: “There’s nothing wrong with you being a Meath. We all grew up in Dublin but you’ve only ever been in Meath which makes you from Meath." Aaliyah sobs, “it makes me feel like you’re leaving me out.”

Eventually Tracey adds: “We’ll say you’re a Dub because you were born in a hospital in Dublin.”

After Aaliyah argues that all her school-friends in Educate Together in Ashbourne will say she’s from Meath, her mum pacifies her and tells her to make a ‘happy Dub face.’

Mum Tracey (37) who lives in Millbourne cannot believe the reaction the video is receiving.

“It’s gone crazy. It’s unbelievable and the comments that people are making are so lovely.

“Aaliyah gets so upset if anyone tells her she’s from Meath and not Dublin.

“My whole family are Dubs so she feels left out. She also thinks we all have blue eyes because we’re true Dubs and as she has brown eyes, she can’t be.

“She wants it so much she’s decided that it’s what she will be asking Santa for next year – blue eyes and to be a true Dub

“It’s gonna be difficult for Santa to deliver but I’m sure he’ll figure something out. Anyway her mammy’s heart is blue and therefore, so is hers.

“She wants to be a Dub in general but as a consequence of the hype around the GAA, I guess. She has a Dublin jersey but most of her classmates are from Meath,” she added.

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