LISTEN: Radio host incurs the wrath of angry Daniel O’Donnell fan live on air

One Irish radio talk show host got more than he bargained for after suggesting that Daniel O’Donnell was out of tune during his recent Rose of Tralee performance.

The phone lines at Ocean FM lit up with calls from angry Daniel fans after current affairs presenter Niall Delaney made the observation on his ‘North West Today’ show.

The tough-questioning presenter was put in his place by one listener, Ita, who let him know what she thought of him in no uncertain terms.

“Can you sing?” she asked him, before insisting: “You’ve got to apologise to Daniel for that!”

Ita, who says she knows Daniel since he was 11 years old, went on to claim that it may have been the band who were out of tune with the Donegal crooner.

“I’m not your average people who ring you up,” she warned Delaney, before adding later: “When I’m talking - you listen!”


Perhaps Daniel was too busy throwing shapes to give the singing his full attention.


By Ken Rooney

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