Library forced to shut due to napping moose

A library in a small US town was closed for an unusual reason: a moose decided to take a nap outside the front door.

“The North Branch Library, here in Silverthorne, Colorado is temporarily closed due to a moose making an attempt at higher learning, and blocking the entrance,” the local police force posted on its Facebook page.

“Please stay away from the library and DO NOT approach the moose.”

“It was an eventful morning,” librarian Katie Koop told local news station WSLS.

“When I came in this morning I came into a crowd, a small crowd that had gathered in the parking lot because no-one had approached the building yet,” she said.

Silverthorne, which sits upon Colorado’s Blue River, regularly attracts local moose and other wildlife.

The library reopened after the young moose decided to move on, closing a colourful chapter for the facility.

Eventually, police shared an update: “The moose has turned in his books and left the area. The library is back open!!”

- Press Association



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