Leo has a ’Mr Taoiseach’ mug on his desk - in case he ever forgets

During a meeting today as part of #KidsTakeOver, people spotted an amusing item on Leo Varadkar’s desk.

It would seem that while making the big decisions, Leo enjoys sipping tea from a Mr Men style mug that reads ’Mr Taoiseach’.

The mug features a blue man, grinning and donning a hairstyle not unlike Leo’s.

At least you can be sure that he will never forget what job he is there to do.

It also appears that the Taoiseach likes to take some time to practice his spinning skills as a Fidget Spinner was also spotted on his desk.

The mug was spotted during a meeting with Louth teen Joella Dhlamini as she visited the Taoiseach’s office as part of UNICEF’s Global #KidsTakeOver initiative which took place today on World Children’s Day.

Watch Joella's powerful video message here.


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