Least loved board game token set for the chop

They have been at the centre of many a family argument around the country for decades, but one of Monopoly’s famous figures are about to get the chop.

While a whole new spin-off was released in Cork last year,

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including all the popular Leeside landmarks, the board game’s manufacturers, Hasbro, have decided to replace one of their iconic figures with a new one.

Fans of the game are being asked to vote to save their favourite online, with both the unloved iron and wheelbarrow in trouble at an early stage.

Dog and car lovers can rest easy for now though, as they are both well ahead of the pack and not about to be sent to jail, though you wouldn’t bank on the thimble and boot being safe either.

The unlucky losing token will be replaced by one of five new pieces: a robot, diamond ring, a cat, helicopter and guitar.

Hasbro will announce which token is to go on February 6 and fans of the game can vote on which one they want to keep here.

"There's a love affair with the token that each player has settled on over time. It's very seldom that you see a player not care about what token represents them on the game board," Monopoly expert Philip Orbanes told USA Today. "Cat lovers outnumber dog lovers. Knowing how popular the Scottie is, I just assume there have to be far more people out there who are cat lovers who would love to see their icon in the game."

Meanwhile, did you know Hasbro host a Monopoly World Championship ever few years?

Norway’s Bjorn Halvard Knappskog is the current champion, having won the most recent tournament in 2009.

Whether you think it’s a game of chance or there are real strategies, it was well worth playing for Halvard Knappskog: the student traded his game money in for a real money prize of just under €16,000.

Oh and the token he triumphed with was, funnily enough, the iron.

Watch a brief summary of the 2009 final. Monopoly: serious business

Let's just hope nobody will throw a tantrum similar to this if their favourite piece is taken out of the game.

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