Latest recruit to Boston PD steals heart of internet

This bundle of fluff is Tuco, he is nine weeks old, and we are in love.

Tuco is a , according to, is a German Shepherd puppy who is in training to join the K-9 unit of the Boston Police Department.

Owned by dog handler Troy Caisey, Tuco has become something of an internet sensation after the above photo - of him trying on his K-9 ID vest for size - made it to Reddit after being posted on the Facebook page of Massachusetts Vest-A-Dog, a charity which supports police dogs by raising money to purchase essential equipment such as canine bulletproof vests.

And yes, he is called Tuco after the badass drugs kingpin Tuco Salamanca in Breaking Bad!

(He was previously called Batman, for some reason).

Caisey, a 22-year veteran of the K-9 unit, said Tuco is in training to take down the bad guys, but it will depend on how he responds.

“ I’m doing foundation work with him now, and in a couple of months I’ll know if he will make it as a work dog, and when he will start his formal training,” he told

“I’m doing little things with him now, but no formalized training will start until later.”

Meanwhile, the Boston PD is enjoying the positive PR, tweeting 'outtakes' starring its latest hunk in uniform.

By Conor Hallahan

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