Kerryman's discovery will have you running for the hills

By Kyle Lehane
Digital Desk intern

Spiders - many people aren’t a fan of them.

We often think that we’re safe from the big, scary fellas here in Ireland however, one Kerryman found out that this wasn’t the case.

Trevor Galvin discovered this massive tarantula on Russell Street in Tralee last weekend.

Trevor Galvin

Thankfully for Trevor, the spider wasn’t actually alive but instead turned out to be the old molt/shedding of a tarantula.

In order to increase their size, spiders have to form a new, larger exoskeleton and make room for this by shedding their old one - this process is called molting.

Young growing spiders will molt more frequently (up to once a month) than older spiders (who may only molt every year or two)

Molt or not, if we came across this while we were in town we’d definitely run in the other direction.

Trevor Galvin

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