Justin Trudeau's Earth Day message sounds more like a romantic novel than a political bulletin

Yesterday was Earth Day, and Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau marked the day with the most classically Trudeau video you can imagine.

Instead of merely wishing everyone a happy Earth Day and reminding you to recycle, obviously Trudeau takes things up a notch.

He waxes lyrical about the majesty of the Canadian great outdoors: particularly time he spent during childhood around Harrington Lake and Gatineau Park.

Justin Trudeau
(Sean Kilpatrick/AP)

He says: “I often say it was like a Hardy boys novel with adventure everywhere.”

And the descriptions Trudeau uses certainly are very novel-esque: “We’d take turns stretching out into the sun, jumping in the lake, and planning our next adventure.” How delightful.

He finishes the video with the soothing words: “Have a great Earth Day, wherever your adventure takes you” – a message that’s sure won him a lot of fans.

We can only imagine how good he would be at reading bedtime stories.

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