Just when you thought this meme was over, a Halloween costume brought it back from the dead

One of 2017’s most shared memes has been resurrected by a Halloween outfit just when it appeared to have been forgotten.

The stock image of a man looking at a woman while walking with his girlfriend gained popularity earlier in 2017 as a foundation for creative humour, as people modified it in comic fashion.

(AntonioGuillem/Getty Images)

And just when you thought the world was ready for a new meme, this one proved it’s still got something to offer.

Yep, something of a Hallow-meme costume, if you will.

Twitter welcomed it back with open arms.

And this social media user was impressed by the logistics of the outfit – did they remain the same distance apart throughout the evening?

Otherwise, it’s just some A4 paper, isn’t it?


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