Just 11 very underrated cute animals that deserve to go viral

Over the years many different species of animal have gone viral and gained popularity, from micro pigs to wrinkly pugs.

There are some animals, however, that haven’t received the recognition that they deserve, despite being so cute they should be plastered all over Instagram.

Here are 11 of the cutest animals that deserve to go viral immediately.

1. The Sea Otter

(kugelblitz/Getty Images)

Amazingly, sea otters hold hands when they’re sleeping to keep from drifting apart. For this reason alone they should be your favourite animal.

2. The Pygmy Goat

Pygmy goats are slightly smaller versions of domestic goats, and therefore twice as Instagram-able.

3. The Mouse Lemur

(Hajakely/Getty Images)

Mouse lemurs are the smallest primate species, and have enormous, adorable eyes.

4. The Tapir

Okay, so adult tapirs are sort of silly-looking, but baby tapirs are impossibly cute.

5. The Quokka

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Quokkas are extremely friendly and look like they have permanent smiles on their faces, making them prime selfie partners for tourists visiting their native Australia.

6. The Slow Loris

(GreyCarnation/Getty Images)

The slow loris is a shy animal with large, soulful-looking eyes. They’re an endangered species though, so it’s best to look at these creatures from afar.

7. The Fennec Fox

Look. At. Those. Ears.

8. The Red Panda

Red pandas, also known as fire foxes or red bear cats, are native to the Himalayas and are shy and cuddly.

9. The Bearcat (also known as the Binturong)

(weerapatkiatdumrong/Getty Images)

Bearcats may be quite lazy, but they’re also extremely cute.

10. The Chinchilla

Chinchillas are sometimes kept as pets, and are arguably the most adorable species of rodent around. They’re also famous for their super-soft fur.

11. The Orangutan

These ginger monkeys are always cute, but adorable Kesuma definitely deserves some popularity.

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