Josie Gibson left screaming on another theme park ride on This Morning

Josie Gibson found herself trapped on another theme park ride during a live segment on ITV’s This Morning.

The presenter was conducting an interview on the pirate ship at Legoland when the ride started swinging backwards and forwards.

Last week, Gibson was left screaming, with a face mask flying up over her eyes, as she rode a rollercoaster at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

As she boarded the ship, she said: “They have promised me, not like Blackpool, that this ride will not go.”

As the safety barriers started closing, she said: “Why are they putting this down? We are not going anywhere, are we?

“You had better not start this ride. I know they are going to do it to me, I know they are going to do it.”

As the ride started moving, she exclaimed: “Oh no!” and her face mask started sliding down her face as she clung on.

Gibson attempted to carry on her interview about safety precautions with the head of operations at Legoland but said afterwards:”Why? Why do you do this?

“I was trying to conduct a professional interview. They told me they wouldn’t start the ride and they completely lied to me.”

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