John Lewis do the best Christmas ads?

John Lewis have released their 2013 Christmas advert.

Man-size tissues at the ready.

Set in a beautiful forest, poor Bear is the only animal that never gets to celebrate Christmas because he has to hibernate every year.

However, this year is different. This year Hare has a brilliant idea:

Last Christmas the title of their festive advert was 'The Journey'. We see children building two snowmen in a garden at the beginning of the video.

The next morning the male snowman has disappeared.

We are transported on a journey of determination with the snowman until he returns to the children's garden at the end of the advert where his true purpose is revealed.

My personal favourite John Lewis Christmas advert, (and possibly my favourite advert of all time) is their 2011 effort:

No explanation necessary:

The 2010 one was equally as clever - although presents for pets seemed to dominate discussions when the ad came out at the time.

The 2009 ad won't make you tear up as much as the previous ones. Probably a good idea to watch this now if you're in work, and cop yourself on a little bit.

And if you still can't control yourself watch their ad from 2008. "If you know a person you'll find the present".

Before anyone says anything, yes I am aware that John Lewis is a UK department store but they do deliver to Ireland.

By Fiona O'Donovan

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