JLS split - Twitter responds

The world awoke this morning to the horrific news that the four boys known as Jack the Lad Swing (YES THAT'S WHAT IT STANDS FOR WE LOOKED IT UP) have called it a day after five years.

Yes, dear readers, JLS have split.

"After five number one hits and two Brit awards under their belts, they are going their separate ways," we are told. Cue statement with multiple references to "incredible journey" etc.

(Meanwhile, if we have learned one frankly stonking factoid from today's news, it is THIS).

In fairness to Aston, Marvin, Oritse and the other fella - they have always come across as likeable lads who knew what they were doing, and five years is a good run in the cutthroat business of boybands.

That said, Twitter has been ruthless. Here's a flavour of the best wisecracks doing the rounds:


Much of the comment concerned the JLS condoms:

(so people did)

(lots of people)

(really, lots of people)

Joking aside for a moment, some people were seriously cut up:

And concerned for the future well-being of certain members:

This illuminating literary extract was mentioned a few times:

The guy from Blur. And he seemed so nice…

The news reached Irish shores:

This is probably not a lage demographic, Paddy

There's always a silver lining…

Some people were a little unkind (but funny)

And finally… we have a winner…


By Conor Hallahan

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