#IWD2017: Twitter marks March 8 with a look at the important issues still facing women

Twitter is using today to celebrate the accomplishments of women across the globe but also acknowledge that there is still progress to be made in the road ahead.

To mark International Women's Day, the social media giant is taking a look back over the last year and examining the powerful conversations that have taken place around women's issues.

Throughout 2016 and 2017 (so far) people have come together online to discuss the biggest issues that are facing women in their communities, countries and industries.

The organisation took a look back over the last year and a half and chose these tweets to represent powerful conversations involving women.

Women's participation and equality in the workforce.

Hashtags such as #gleichistmehr in Germany and #3시STOP in Korea were used to highlight the topic of equal pay.

Women in politics

Women's safety in public spaces

Inspiring women and their accomplishments

In January the Womens March rallies almost broke the internet with 11.5m tweets sent with the hashtag #WomensMarch.


By Greg Murphy
By Greg Murphy

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