'It may not be up there with Wham!...': This Irish politician has released a Christmas song

By Cillian Sherlock

An Irish politician has released a Christmas song today and... it's interesting.

Clondalkin based Councillor Trevor Gilligan made headlines earlier this year after writing a song he hoped could bring Ireland to Eurovision glory.

But he's back now with an effort for the Christmas season - 'Christmas Kiss'.

The song's lyrics, which detail his struggle in writing the tune, features instant classic lines such as: "Ho, ho, ho come and jump in the snow" and "I'm saying hey, hey, hey, come and play on my sleigh".

He says "it ain't bad" for a first attempt, but we'll leave it up to you.

The interesting move flies in the face of the Fianna Fáil representative's official website where he admits he "can't sing".

"I like making music. I play the guitar and piano – although I can't sing," it reads.

"Writing a Christmas song is every songwriters dream. It's not easy. 'Christmas Kiss' may not be up there with 'Wham!' or 'Paul McCartney', but for a first attempt, it ain’t bad and I'm proud of it. I suppose it's my way of wishing my friends and family a Happy Christmas," he said.

The Councillor will release his first studio album 'helloWorld' next week.

"It's a great album, nice chords, catchy hooks and lyrics," he said.

"I'm happy that I have finally released an album which I have been writing for a few years now and something that I would not be satisfied with until it was complete."

He said sound his has been likened to Calvin Harris and his influences include McCartney, The Beatles, Jamiroquai, Pharrell & Timbaland.

Over the summer, Gilligan released a 3 track EP which received airplay on National TV & Radio.

Here's his Eurovision effort, sung byJoey Diggs:

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