Is Donald Trump scared of dinosaurs? This video seems to suggest so

Halloween, by definition, is meant to be a pretty scary time of year – and this year in the US the frights have found their way all the way up to the White House.

Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump welcomed children to the presidential residence to partake in a little bit of trick or treating.

For a while it looked like this was a pretty regular affair, until the president spotted something that seemed to shock, frighten and disgust him all at once.

A dinosaur! Trump hates dinosaurs! Just look at the reaction.

He didn’t want his hand anywhere in that dinosaur’s vicinity.

People have some theories about why the president was taken aback by what is presumably just a child in a costume – and they centre around his Secretary of State.

Some have even imagined his internal dialogue.

But, if Trump is afraid of dinosaurs, this video might just be the reason why.

That’s enough to scare anyone.


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