Irish wrestler Sheamus tweets through scary 'emergency landing'

Irishman Stephen Farrelly, better known as WWE superstar Sheamus, was on board a United Airlines that was forced into an emergency landing yesterday evening.

Sheamus was travelling on a flight from Denver to Los Angeles when a fellow passenger fell ill and the plane was forced to land in Grand Junction, Colorado.

According to the Grand Junction Fire Department the oxygen masks were dropped after “one medical event caused a chain reaction of passengers to feel sick and lightheaded.”

Sheamus’ tweet pretty much sums up how we would all would have felt in that situation.

The wrestler managed to keep hold of his most precious cargo, the Money in the Bank briefcase, though as the plane eventually landed safety.

Having won the briefcase at the WWE Money in the Bank event June, Sheamus is now entitled to a match for the top title in his industry - the WWE World Heavyweight Championship – any time, any place, anywhere within one year.

With 13 of the previous 15 winners of the Money in the Bank match going on to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, his odds of winning the title soon seem pretty good.

After getting back on tarmac, Sheamus and his fellow passengers were compensated with free pizza and Diet Coke by United Airlines.


By Shaun Cronin

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