Irish TV shows – in four words

Can Irish TV shows be described in just four words? We think so…

Here’s some we’ve come up with for some TV shows from days gone by - how many can you guess (scroll down for answers)?

Farmers have torrid affairs

Lovely girls in Kerry

Anoraks win a tie

Old celebrities play charades

Guess the naff song

Puppet sees factory footage

Loud aliens with turkey

Dubliners talk in café

Car salesman fires people

Before your time? Here’s some that are still on the air.

Lottery families wave signs

Kids break Christmas presents

Man as Dublin mammy

Stuff happened that year

Don’t drink, says comedian

Good player / Great player

We’d love to hear some of yours in the comment section below.

Just a couple of rules: you can’t use a word already in the programme’s name, or any actor/presenter names.

That’s it. Have fun!

Answers: Glenroe, The Rose of Tralee, Know Your Sport, Play The Game, The Lyrics Board, Bosco, The Den, Fair City, The Apprentice / Winning Streak, The Late Late Toy Show, Mrs Brown's Boys, Reeling in the Years, Under the Influence, Premier Soccer Saturday / any soccer-based RTÉ shows.

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