Irish production company is looking for a Cork mammy to star in new TV drama

Is your mammy over 60, with a brilliant sense of humor and a genuine Cork accent?

If so, one of Ireland's biggest production companies are looking for you (well, your mammy).

MK1 Productions are looking for a woman in her mid 60s and young girl between 6-8 to star in an upcoming TV project.

Both must have genuine Cork accents and be available to film at the end of April.

To apply for the role, the production company have asked applicants to send in a chatty vlog-style clip introducing themselves before Sunday, April 16.

“Chatting to camera as if you were speaking to your children/partner/grandmother on skype. Or tell us a funny story or whatever portrays your personality,"

For more details contact:

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By Anna O'Donoghue

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