Irish people will probably break New Year’s resolutions between 6.34pm and 6.52pm tomorrow

How are your New Year’s resolutions going?

According to Deliveroo, you’ll probably give up on them tomorrow evening.

This Wednesday is the day when people across the country are most likely to throw in the towel and ditch their New Year’s resolutions in favour of something a little stronger or sweeter.

The food delivery app has revealed that every year on January 17, they see a significant jump in orders of alcohol and sweet treats – with the exact time people giving into temptation striking between 6.34pm for alcohol and 6.52pm for something sugary.

The most popular drink to dampen January with is a bottle of Eight Degrees - Barefoot Bohemian (Pilsner Lager) from Ramen, closely followed by a Basiano Blanco White Wine from Fallon & Byrne and a bottle of Red Wine Corali from Bar Italia.

For those that want to revoke their sugar resolution, mini jam doughnuts from Fallon & Byrne, followed by a chocolate malt from Eddie Rockets or, for those who really want to toss their resolutions to one side, a doughnut platter from Krust Bakery is the ultimate sweet tooth satisfier.

"We sincerely wish everyone the best of luck with their New Year’s resolutions, but if you do find yourself falling off the wagon at least you can order directly from the comfort of your own home or desk so hardly anyone has to know," said Deliveroo’s Joe Groves.


By Denise O’Donoghue

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