Irish lads restore everyone's faith in humanity after drunken Paddy’s Day accident

As you can imagine there may have been plenty a drunken incident over the weekend with St. Patrick’s Day and Six Nation celebrations in full flight.

One group of lads in particular were in top form in Kinsale, Co. Cork on Friday night when unfortunately one thing led to another and one of the them fell through a window.

A window, which happened to be Nick McCarthy’s dad’s living room window.

Of course this caused the man some distress but what happened next will restore your faith in humanity.

“Just in the kitchen chatting waiting for glass and discussing the event when I spotted something had been shoved in through the letterbox so it turned out to be an envelope,” Nic wrote on Facebook attaching a photo of the envelope.

Wait for it …

St. Patrick would be proud, lads.

By Anna O'Donoghue

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