Irish lad recreates THAT photo of Jennifer Lopez and the results are hilarious

By Anna O'Donoghue

One Irish lad has taken the Internet trend of ‘Instagram V Reality’ to a whole new level and it’s a masterpiece.

Senan Byrne, one-third of Irish sketch legends the Fupin Eejits, decided to recreate this highly-shared photo of Jennifer Lopez, wearing Versace over-the-knee boots which are supposed to imitate the style of a pair of jeans.

As you can imagine, the people of the Internet have already had a field day with the paparazzi image.

“I thought they were pants,” Tweeted one before another added, “Those boots look like she forgot to pull up her pants after going to the restroom”.

But the Tipperary comedian’s photo series take on it has to be the best by far.

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