Irish Granny posts hilarious message into hen party group chat...six months later

A 73-year-old Granny has posted a hilarious message in her granddaughter's hen party group chat...six months after the hen, writes Sally Gorman.

Kathleen Gunning from Rochfortbridge, Co Westmeath is a fairly tech savvy woman; she is the proud owner of a snazzy Samsung smartphone and tablet and she even has Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram accounts.

But on this particular occasion, poor Kathleen made a little blunder which resulted in a barrel of laughs for everyone else.

Kathleen Gunning and the hilarious text she sent into her granddaughter's hen party group chat almost six months later.

Kathleen's granddaughter Andrea (aka Bid) has been married since December but her famous hen party took place back in November and of course, Granny Kathleen couldn't be left out of the group chat, being the social media queen that she is.

However, the hen group has been quiet for some time...until now!

Kathleen got the ball rolling again with this absolute gem that we can only presume she meant to send privately to her granddaughter Andrea.

Kathleen posted this message into Andrea's Hen group chat almost six months after the hen party.

It wasn't long before Kathleen was quickly notified of her mistake:

In a panic, she then sent a direct message to Andrea...this was what she had intended to do in the first place!

Kathleen quickly tried to rectify the situation but the damage was done.

As you can imagine the hens actually in the group chat, got great mileage from Kathleen's message and we don't think she'll live this one down for a long time.

Andrea's friend Grace got a good giggle from the text.

Edel also couldn't help crack a smile at Kathleen's expense.

As much as she likes to think she's 'down with the kids'...


Kathleen has definitely had her ups and downs getting to grips with social media and training on her new tablet.

*Note language in the following video...

By Sally Gorman
Digital Journalist

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