Irish girl loses mind when dad pays surprise visit to Toronto

This poor girl almost passes out from sheer joy and shock when her dad lands in on her on a surprise visit from home.

She's all the way over in Toronto, Canada, so it's some shock to be fair.

Her friends - one of whom shoots the video - are in on it and build her anticipation with a short countdown. Then, it’s blindfold off and - ta da! - there’s dad.

Lovely, right? Except she Completely. Freaks. Out.

There’s screaming, and some tears and - finally! - some lovely bear hugs.

“What’s wrong?” asks daddy. We know what he means - she's more stunned than delighted at first, and just can’t speak at all.

Dad encourages her to hug him at least, but even that’s a bridge too far for a few moments.

We see a delighted grin sneaking through though, just as the clip uploaded by Andy Gibbons ends.

Awww, good one daddy.

By Jill O'Sullivan

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