Irish bride and Pippa Middleton marry on same day. . . in almost identical dresses

Andrea Kilpatrick, 30, from Northern Ireland, married the love of her life, Dr Stephen Herron, the very same day that Pippa Middleton wed hers, writes Pam Ryan.

And, somehow, the two also wore nearly identical wedding dresses.

Andrea spent a month working with her mother, Arlene, and dressmaker, Lorna Reid-Mullen from The Pinked Edge Couture, to redesign the dress Arlene wore to her own wedding, she told the Metro.

Andrea said: "Her whole life my mum has been ahead of fashion and loves to customise clothes, so we approached Lorna Reid-Mullan of The Pinked Edge Couture about one year ago and have since worked with her on getting the dress exactly as we would like it.

"We always wanted to keep the high neck as this was such a unique original feature of the eighties dress that my beautiful mum had chosen 35 years ago and has since been a signature style of hers.

"Lorna was fantastic and open to all ideas then happily advised on how we could make it happen and embellish certain areas to accentuate. We thought that we had created a completely unique dress."

The sleeves were shortened and Lorna used the original lace and veil as embellishments to create something unique. At least that was their intention.

Indeed the dress was beautiful but Andrea was stunned by Pippa's wedding pictures.

"I couldn't believe it when my bridesmaids sent me a picture of Pippa on her big day," Andrea said.

"I was stunned to see the similarity in style. Pippa's was amazing, so I was really happy that we got it so on trend. It was quite a relief that we got married the same day though, as if my wedding had of been a few months later everyone would have thought I had tried to recreate Pippa's dress.

"Stephen and I find it quite funny and as someone who doesn't really follow fashion it is quite ironic. Thankfully I have a very style-savvy mum.

"We all thought it was very funny but I was genuinely proud of my mum for having such imagination and daring to be a bit different in her ideas."

She said the dress took no more than £1,000 (1,146) to customise. Pippa's is reported to have cost £40,000 (€45,840).



By Pam Ryan

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