Irish bookshop wants to reunite a family with this much-loved baby tag

Second-hand bookshops must come across fascinating inscriptions and notes left in books and a recent find in Wexford is a touching case in point.

Staff at New Ross Books found a baby tag tucked into a book in their storeroom.

The tag was used to mark the birth of a baby girl to a family with the surname O’Brien in 1977.

In a post on Facebook staff at the store explained the find and why they are sharing it.

“This fell out of a book in the storeroom, it's the tag they used to put on newborn babies in hospitals back in the day. It obviously was used as a bookmark and then misplaced. We reckon the owner would love to get it back, be it the Mother , Father or Baby O'Brien herself.

“We have little to go on but with the help of the internet anything is possible. It's a woman. She was born weighing 8 lb 2 ounces on 24/3/1977 at 6.35 p.m.”

The shop acknowledge the possibility that the baby born that day may no longer be with us but feel that is that is the case a family member might be even more anxious to have the tag returned to them.

The booksellers said: “We know it's a long shot especially as we have picked up books all over the country over the last few years but nothing ventured..”

So if you think you may know the family concerned, get in touch with them at their Facebook page.

By Grainne McGuinness

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