Ireland’s most sought after Sushi dishes in celebrations on International SushI Day

It’s o-fish-ially International Sushi Day and as it turns out, Irish is sooooy in love with Sushi.

According to Deliveroo sushi has become hugely popular with a 60% increase in the number of orders of sushi through Deliveroo since the company launched in 2015.

Take that, bacon and cabbage.

This year, in particular, the sushi trend has soared with an 80% increase in the number of restaurant partners offering sushi on their menus since the beginning of 2018.

With lunchtime on Friday is the most favoured time to order sushi, here are the most sought-after sushi dishes:

Salmon Avocado Sushi Roll from Eatoyko, Dublin

Ebi-Prawn Tempura Roll from Aoki Sushi, Dublin

Prawn Tempura Rolls from Chai Yo, Dublin

Bento Box from Dashi Sushi, Cork


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Futomaki Platter from Dashi Sushi, Cork

Be dashied...💖

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A spokesperson for Deliveroo said: “Sushi has become very popular on Deliveroo, especially since the beginning of this year. Customers are jumping on the food trend and enjoying sushi as a healthy and tasty lunch or dinner option, prepared by our restaurant partners.

“International Sushi Day is the perfect chance for those who haven’t tried sushi to sample some,” they added.

So get rollin’ and get your sushi on!

By Anna O'Donoghue

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