IN PICTURES: Not the nicest wake-up call

There are nice ways of being woken from a deep slumber, and then there is a car-sized boulder crashing into the side of your house.

(Photo: AP)

Our photo shows a massive rock embedded in the home of 63-year-old Wanda Denhalter in St George, Utah.

Mrs Denhalter was in bed asleep when the giant boulder crashed into her house at around 3am.

She survived, but underwent four hours of surgery for a leg gash.

(Photo: AP)

The cause of the boulder becoming dislodged is unknown, but a St George city spokesman told the BBC that rocks often roll down the many hills in the area.

Mrs Denhalter's husband Scot - who was sleeping in another room - said his wife was lucky to escape with her life.

"Had I been there, she would have been killed," he said.

"She would have been on her side of the bed."

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