IN PICTURES: Floods bring sense of déjà vu for Cork residents

The fine city of Cork was inundated with water last night as a combination of tide, wind and rain brought flooding to the city.

You'll notice however, that we didn't say 'unprecedented' flooding - the low-lying city centre, nestled between two channels of the river Lee, has long been prone to flooding. In fact, the very name of the city (Corcaigh) is derived from the Irish word for 'marsh' (corcach) and many of its main thoroughfares were once waterways, including St Patrick's St and the South Mall.

As businesses are today elbow-deep in the cleanup and counting the cost of last night's damage, we've had a look through the archives for a remarkable side-by-side comparison between the floods of February 4, 2014 and those of yesterday - showing that whatever may change in the city of Cork, the threat of inundation from the sea remains a constant.

St Patrick's St - 2014

Cork's main thoroughfare lies under feet of water last night with cars abadoned where they stopped.

St Patrick's St - 1963

And the street in 1963, taken from almost the exact same vantage point - only the vintage of the cars is any different.

Grand Parade - 2014

Floodwaters lap the hoardings outside the now-closed Capitol Cineplex on Grand Parade.

Grand Parade - 1957

The cinema in its '50s heyday - with a dramatically apt main feature.

Fun in the floods - 2014

Members of CIT's kayak club went for a paddle in the streets last night...

Fun in the floods - 1953

…while 60 years earlier, floodwaters on Lavitt's Quay were also a source of amusement for these city kids.

Calling for help - 2014

An empty phone box on St Patrick's St last night is a sign of the times...

Calling for help - 1961

…but in 1961, public phones were an invaluable communications tool.

And finally…

We haven't got a 2014 equivalent but we couldn't not highlight this fantastic picture from 1963 of customers in Le Chateau bar - and landlady Maura Reidy - enjoying their pints even as floodwaters fill the pub. The Cork spirit, distilled.

- 2014 pictures (and inspiration) via Evening Echo reporter Alan Healy on Twitter

- Historical pictures via Irish Examiner/Evening Echo archive. See here for more

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By Conor Hallahan

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