'I'm not anti-Aer Lingus and I eat Tayto': Saoirse Ronan defends infamous SNL sketch

Saoirse Ronan has taken to the Late Late Show to defend the infamous Saturday Night Live Aer Lingus sketch.

"I mean it's fun and the show was a comedy show. It was a huge thing for me to go on and it was a dream come true to get to do something like that," she said.

She said there were numerous meetings throughout the week with SNL staff and creator Lorne Michaels and she said it was important to her that there was an Irish sketch in which she could use her own accent.

"I'm not anti-Aer Lingus. I collect my points, that's how often I fly Aer Lingus. I shop local - and I eat Tayto!" she said.

The star appeared on SNL to promote her new movie Lady Bird, which details the turbulent relationship between a mother and daughter.

She said hosting the show, in which U2 were the musical guest, was a huge honour.

Saoirse also spoke to Ryan about how her own relationship with her mother is very different to the relationship between mother and daughter in her new movie Lady Bird.

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