If your life is The Truman Show, what are the producers’ most impressive feats?

The Truman Show remains a classic of modern cinema 20 years after its release with its portrayal of a man who is trapped in a TV show without even realising it.

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But if it turned out your life had been your own personal Truman Show, what would be the most impressive feat that producers had pulled off?

That’s the question posed by Reddit user l-Orion-l – and here are some of the best answers.

1. Resolute singledom

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2. Road trips

3. Cast of thousands

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4. Twin set

5. Animal magic

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6. Long and boring

7. Varied sets

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8. Character depth

9. Seeing the sights

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10. Ouch

11. Motherly love

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12. Combat

13. And finally, this

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