If Newcastle Brown did Super Bowl ads….

Newcastle Brown, that stalwart of (American?) culture, has very cleverly got in on Super Bowl mania with an ad that they almost made.

They got 'Twilight Saga' star, Anna Kendrick, to burst the bubble of the big-spenders by making a low-tech, hilarious spoof.

Gan on lass! (That's Geordie for "go on, ya girl ye!).

Kendrick says: "I was really excited to make a S**** ***l commercial, but then it turns out they don't even have the money or the permission to make a S**** ***l commercial, they can't even say the word S**** ***l.

"S**** ***l, S**** ***l. It's bleeped."

Kendrick muses on her hotness saying: "I was surprised that I even got offered the part, you know?

"Am I beer commercial hot? No, but I like a challenge."

"We were days away from shooting and then they called and told me they didn't have any money. It's disappointing, because I was looking forward to the pay cheque.

"So I'm back to doing Indie cred stuff, which is great, but you can't stuff indie cred down a male stripper's g-string, ya know what I'm saying."

We hear ya Anna.

By Peter Towe

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