Husband creates stunning flower that will 'never fade' for his wife

By Michelle McGlynn

It can be hard to think of thoughtful and unique gifts for loved ones but this man has come up with something very special for his wife.

Jiří Praus has created a tulip for his wife that is everlasting and "will never fade".

The mechanical flower blooms when it is touched and can light up in any colour it can even be multicoloured to create a rainbow effect.

Jiří, who describes himself as "a developer during the day" and a "hardware maker by night" has caught the internet's attention with his unique creation.

The video he shared is close to one million views already.

It took Jiří 13 minutes to make each petal on the tulip and it was certainly worth the effort.

The detail of the sculpture means that the flower looks beautiful even when it's not illuminated.

The range of stunning colours also make for some beautiful 'spiderweb effect' shadows which Jiří says was entirely unplanned.

People immediately began to ask where they could be one of their own.

Jiří has said that he "can't imagine that right now" but has said that he is going to give it some thought.

In the meantime, for those who are crafty and want to give it a go themselves, Jiří has shared a video on YouTube to demonstrate how to make the petals.

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