Humble shoe-shine donates $200,000 to help sick children

Albert Lexie. Pic: CaringChannel/YouTube

Albert Lexie never made much money as a shoe-shine - but that didn’t stop him donating more than $200,000 in tips to help a children’s hospital.

When Lexie began working at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh in the early 80s, he earned $5 a time for shining shoes, with most customers tipping him a dollar each time.

By 2008, he had already raised more than $110,000 for parents of sick children who can’t afford medical costs.

As word of his generosity spread, customers began tipping more and more.

“Most of them give $6, some of them give $7,” Lexie told Channel 4 Action News. “I had a doctor who gave me a $50 bill for Christmas.

“It’s good to be a hero.”

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