How watching cat videos on YouTube can help save wild tigers from extinction on International Tiger Day

You know all that time you spend watching cat videos on YouTube? (Yes you do, don’t deny it).

Well you could simultaneously be saving the lives of wild tigers, simply by watching those clips on a new YouTube channel.

UK charity initiative Save Wild Tigers is launching a new cat-only channel called The Kitty on July 29 – which is International Tiger Day – filled with lots of adorable cat vids, plus the option to send in your own via the website.

It raises money for tigers by matching the number of donations to the number of views – so watch your fave cat clip on the channel, and a donation will be made to the charity because of it. Simple!

Save Wild Tigers’ mission is to support tiger conservation and eradicate the threat of extinction of the wild population which has been in worrying decline for the past century (although WWF says the number is finally starting to pick up again).

So instead of the normal pangs of guilt you get from wasting the day away with cat videos on repeat, you can watch them today and actually feel good about it.


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