How Twitter describes Guinness to somebody who has never tasted it before

Remember yesterday’s piece on Thatcher for One Direction fans?

Well the creator of that piece of work, @BeardedGenius, has produced another graphic to catch our eye.

‘Noz’ is a teetotal Muslim and after asking his close-to-20,000 followers for a description of what the black stuff tastes like, the answers were, to say the least, wideranging.

He has compiled them all in a neat pint-shaped image. Take a look at the contrasting descriptions below…

"Take the best glass of water you have ever had and times it by a million," one says of a good, creamy pint of Guinness.

Yet another tweeter, quite clearly not a fan, compares it to 'licking a lampost and then getting indigestion."

Folks and strokes, eh?

Right click and open image in a new tab to see a larger version of the picture.

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