How to get the ‘salmon sushi’ hair look

Watch out, ‘blorange’ – there’s a new hair-dye trend sweeping Instagram and it’s even prettier than the blonde/orange hybrid.

“Salmon hair is the next wave of colour trends emerging for the summer and into autumn. It moves on from the ‘blorange’ colour craze, where blonde and orange are mixed together,” explains James Taylor, colour director at Barrie Stephen Hair.

“Salmon utilises the orange but adds in subtle notes of pink to create a coral hue. Dependent on the client and their desires, pink and yellow tones mixed together can also make a salmon coral shade.”

That’s the great thing about this sashimi-inspired colour trend. It’s easy to customise – so you can find the right hue for you, from pastel to bright, and you can DIY it too.

So whether you’re heading to the salon or having a go at home, we’ve got the experts’ tips on how to get the sushi salmon hair look.

At the salon

“The most important factor when it comes to opting for pastel-tone colours is to make sure that you have good, even-toned, bleached or lightened hair prior to having and choosing a pastel or bright colour,” says Gemma Hensman, director at Hensmans salons. “You should also make sure the strength and condition of the hair is healthy and good to take another colour, as [otherwise] the pastel or bright colour won’t last. If for any reason the hair isn’t [in good condition], then we would recommend a course of nourishing treatments first.

“Once the lightened colour has been achieved, there are then a few options to create a fantastic bespoke colour. The Schwarzkopf BlondMe range has a wide choice of in-salon tones, including an apricot and strawberry colour. If you want a brighter colour, then Schwarzkopf Professional have their IGORA ColorWorx range, with intense colours such as orange, coral and red and a white colour to dilute any intensity.”

Schwarzkopf Igora ColorWorx Orange and White shades (Schwarzkopf/PA)
In the salon, Schwarzkopf’s Igora ColorWorx Orange and White shades can be blended to create a pastel salmon tone (Schwarzkopf/PA)

At home

“All things peach and pink have been popular throughout 2017 so far, and the latest salmon hair trend is one of my favourites – it is super easy to create in the salon or do it yourself at home,” says Crazy Color brand ambassador Paul Callaghan. “I like to use a few different Crazy Color semi-permanent shades to create a unique look each time, but I love the Peachy Coral shade to achieve this look. I would recommend using this all over your hair, making sure you spread it evenly throughout.

“You can then add Coral Red to add some depth and definition. I like to mix this with a nourishing conditioner to lighten the colour slightly and restore the condition of your hair. Using light, sweeping motions will add a light, more blush-like finish, leaving you with a subtle hint of the red tones. These two shades mixed together really complement each other and create this stunning salmon pink finish.”

Crazy Colour Semi Permanent hair dyes in Peachy Coral and Coral Red (Crazy Color/PA)
Mix Crazy Color dyes in Peachy Coral and Coral Red, £4 each, to create a sushi salmon effect (Crazy Color/PA)

Want to give it a go – but just for a little while? Another DIY option is the Maria Nila range of non-permanent colours, which nourish hair as well as adding a fun temporary tint. Find them at SallyExpress for £16.99 each.

Maria Nila Pink Pop and White Mix Colour Refresh (Maria Nila/PA)
Maria Nila Pink Pop and White Mix Colour Refresh can be used for a wash-out salmon shade (Maria Nila/PA)


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