How to diversify your Twitter news feed on International Women’s Day

Are you wondering how to celebrate International Women’s Day and advance the causes of women in general? Well, it might be a good idea to take a look at the gender breakdown of who you follow online.

Websites like this one let you see how many women you’re following just by entering your handle.

If your ratio is looking a little lady-light, have a ponder through this list of kick-ass women to follow online, whether you want critical insight, pop culture by the bucket load, or just a bit of a laugh.

Beth McColl

Beth has an advice column too and is currently writing a book, How To Come Alive Again, about coping with mental health issues.

If all the funny tweeters you follow are of the distinctly male variety, give Beth a follow. Her tweets go viral on the regular for a reason.

Jenn Schiffer

Jenn is a digital artist, app developer and generally a coding aficionado.

She writes tech satire and created the website, an open source tool where you can draw and save your own pixel art.

She’s worth a follow for the lowdown on the latest apps and online art made by small-time creators, like this adorable egg timer, this extremely fun pixel GIF text generator, and this illustrated word game.

Kimberly Rose Drew

Kimberly is the social media manager of the Met Museum in New York, and she writes and tweets on art, activism and race.

She doesn’t tweet much so won’t spam up your feed, but if you want an artistic injection, or to learn more about museums and black history, check her out.

Ashley C Ford

Ashley is a writer, podcast host, and general fount of knowledge.

One of her tweets, urging people to donate to pay off children’s school lunch bills, set in motion campaigns across the US which raised more than 100,000 dollars to cover youngsters’ outstanding lunch payments.

She writes on a number of topics – race, relationships, pop culture – but is also adept at creating tweet threads which grab readers’ attention.

As well serious threads on things like money and consent, and she also finds time to retweet cute animals, memes and dole out good advice.

Keah Brown

Keah is a writer, journalist and activist, and created the hashtag #disabledandcute.

She tweets about culture, her activism, general affirmations and updates on how her debut book of essays, The Pretty One, is doing.

Megan Jayne Crabbe

Megan is a body positive activist, author, and prolific Instagrammer.

She’s always tweeting affirmations, as well as nuanced take-downs of the diet industry and fatphobia.

As well as longer posts on her Instagram about her own struggles with anorexia, she highlights other people in the body positive space, so is a great source for new follows.

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