How romantic: Watch this Galway man propose to his girlfriend on a beach in Florida

With Ed Sheeran's new Irish-inspired song, Galway girls have been the talk of the town recently, but here is on Galway man that is sure to get you chattering about the other halves.

Professional footballer Shane McInerney, who lives and works in Florida, America has been dating yoga and pilates instructor Julia Gordon since they met five years ago when Shane was working as a bartender in an Irish bar.

Over their five years together circumstances saw them move to Sweden for Shane's work and back to Florida in order to be where Julia was from.

After all that, Shane decided it was time to ask Julia to be his wife and being a classy fellow, he decided to do it in style.

Luring his girlfriend to the beach under the guise of making a promotional yoga video, Shane waited until Julia was coming out of a pose and there he was, down on one knee with a ring in front of her.

It was a magical moment for them both, that Shane captured forever, thanks to a photographer he hired to film his brave gesture.

So, in case you were wondering, THAT is how it is done...

We wish this pair the very best of luck in their future together!

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